A quick trip to Wellington

So I made a quick trip to Wellington in New Zealand this week.  The Australian Border Force went on strike which threatened airport chaos…. but I saw none of it (phew).    Still the on-ramp to Melbourne airport continues to be a major pain as you can see.  They appear to have spent a fortune on building a new terminal for Jet Star and Tiger (you can see a giant new money-maker, I mean car park, to the left), but appear to have done nothing to fix the approach to Melbourne Airport itself!


The flight was yet another chance to get some photos out the plane window and this trip did not disappoint!

Here is a great view of Devilbend Reservoir.    I suspect that is French Island behind it.  I initially thought is was Philip Island, but I think that’s round to the right.


These clouds looked like little white smudges spread across the sea.

IMG_5770-2 IMG_5766-2 IMG_5774-2

I truly love Wellington, it’s a compact city built around rolling hills with great nightlife, restaurants and people.   It is also New Zealand’s capital (not Auckland as many people think).

It is over looked by a truly phenomenal wind farm.   If you are ever in Wellington I seriously recommend you try to take a tour of the actual farm.     We did this at the start of the year and truly enjoyed it:


So it was nice to see the farm again, but this time from the air.   These turbines are huge!

IMG_5777-2 IMG_5780-2Sadly the final approach was a bit over cast.   You can see the Rugby stadium to the right.  That is where the Cruise Ships dock.

During my visit I visited two places that I thought were worth mentioning.

First I visited TOA Crossfit, a truly great Crossfit gym.   It is quality outfit with great coaches.   People who hate on Crossfit tend to focus on people doing heavy weights with poor form.   There was none of this at TOA, mainly due to the skill and enthusiasm of the coaches.  However what also caught my eye was their unfinished kitchen and coffee shop.  There were enough tools lying around to build a block of flats:


And this amusing sign clearly erected by a frustrated owner.  Classic Kiwi humour:

I stayed at the Museum Hotel which is packed with Art.   It’s a great hotel, made truly enjoyable by all the Art!

Gun to skull, set in perspex!






Motorbike in the foyer (one of many):IMG_5793-2

I love this guy, he even has an umbrella!


Nudity alert!   She doesn’t look happy.


Another bike:


I then finished off with a time-lapse video of our take off. Blink and you will miss it!


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