A trip to Singapore!

I paid a visit to Singapore this week as part of my job.   As usual this gave me a chance to take some photos out the plane window.    I was seated in seat 23A of a Qantas A330 which gave me this great view of the boarding ramp (everyone had boarded and we were waiting to take off):


I then decided to try out the time-lapse mode on my iPhone 6 to make this amusing movie of the ramp pulling back.  Believe me, it didn’t go anywhere near as fast as this!


The flight itself proved three things that I have said before:

Firstly, magnificent things look tiny from a distance, this is Wilpena Pound, an amazing natural formation that would look more amazing if we were not already at 40,000 feet without a zoom lens (it is the round formation in the middle of the photo):


Secondly, sometimes great photos just present themselves.   Check out this view of the clouds.  It looks like the billowing clouds you see just before an alien space craft flies out:


Thirdly, haze is your enemy.  Especially in Singapore where the burn offs from Indonesia result in seasonal haze.    My view of Singapore harbour should have been magnificent with all of the massed ships, but instead it was obscured by haze.

IMG_5491 IMG_5492 IMG_5494

In fact the Singapore pollution situation even has its own website and language.  The term PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) is used freely in sentences like: if you are concerned with the PSI, stay indoors.   Even the Crossfit Gym I visited had a warning:


Still the pollution did not dampen my visit and it should not make you stay away from this amazing place.    If you visit, make sure to download GrabTaxi on your phone, it is the best way to get a cab in Singapore.

And finally thanks to my good friend May for this gift of beautiful orchids!





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