Texas Storm on May 15, 2015

I was travelling from Dallas Fort Worth to Boston on May 25, 2015 when a large storm hit the Dallas area.   All planes were grounded for over an hour.   We had already boarded so we were kind of trapped on the airplane.   There was much grumbling, but we were not to know that Texas was getting seriously smashed and some people had actually drowned as a result.

Once take offs were approved the backlog was massive.   You can see just some of the queue in the photo below (as well as the continued rain and storm clouds):


The resulting flood was quite clear from the airplane once we finally took off:


There was only one approved flight corridor which turned out to be very hairy.   Even the horizon looked menacing but the clouds proved to contain some nasty surprises.


The video does no justice to the amount of turbulence we encountered, but the tension in the Flight Attendants voice says it all.  Do not get up!

Fortunately we finally cleared the storm and made it safely to Boston.   A tribute to the skill of the American Airlines pilots and the quality of the Boeing 737-800.


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