A view out of the plane window

Flying in an aircraft is about as close to magic as we can currently get.   The fact that we can be physically 40,000 feet in the air and totally safe is mind boggling.  Let alone how I can wake up in Melbourne and go to bed in Shanghai all in the space of a few hours.

I took these photos out of the window of a Qantas B737-800 in seat 4F (which is the front row of economy).   This was a 10am flight from Sydney to Melbourne.

First a view of the NSW Coast Line:IMG_5355

Until we ascended above a bed of clouds.   This was one of those perfect flat banks with an equally perfect blue sky overhead.


I always love to get a shot of the wing, as it reminds me of just how tenuous my grip on 40,000 feet actually is:


And then we descended through the cloud over Victoria:


The descent through the cloud bed was a thing of beauty so I made a movie and set it to music.   The song is Interlude by London Grammar.   It’s quite mesmerising.   You can view the movie in HD as well if your bandwidth is up to it.

All images were taken on iPhone 6 and then sized to fit for a blog page.    All images remain my property and can be used only with acknowledgment.


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