Building Harlequin’s Moon – A Sci-Fi novel yearning for a sequel!


Building Harlequin’s Moon is a brilliant Sci-Fi novel by Larry Niven and Brenda Cooper. Unlike many of Nivens novels, this one does not fit into any of his existing series (like Ringworld or Known Space), but quite frankly I wish it was the start of a new one!   It not only offers a very well conceived vision of the future and the technology we will use in it, but also the struggles we will have when this technology allows us to change our very beings.

The novel has great structure, characters and vision.   Big picture concepts like the risks and challenges of nano-technology,  terraforming and cryosleep are all explored in great depth.

Great science fiction is all about suspending disbelief, being drawn into the challenges being presented, having characters you are cheering for and situations that need to be resolved through their ingenuity and determination.

I only hope that Larry and his co-writer is thinking of a sequel because it would be very welcome news if he created one.


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